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Pranjal Sinha

ODR try kiya?

Does Online Dispute Resolution exist in India?

18 Must-Have Apps To Make You A Better Law Student

Especially for Indian law students.

Think twice before blaming the Judges!

Can we blame the judges without knowing the reality?

Why Is It Important To Know The Number Of Cases Jethmalani Has Won?

Future of law is going to be picking lawyer on the basis of his win rates and not because your uncle's friend recommended him to you.

What is the nicest way to resolve disputes?

The first conversation between you and me! :)

ODR In The World

How well has Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) been implemented in different parts of the world?

The Four Lessons We Learnt After Attending The Largest Arbitration Conference In India

This conference changed our perspective towards the Arbitration scenario in India.
It might change yours too.

Introduction to ODR

ODR means resolving legal disputes with help of technology. It basically provides the service of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) processes such as mediation, arbitration etc in an online medium.

Why should I read this blog?

The huge backlog of cases shows the crisis of the Indian Judiciary system. In such a scenario, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) can make the situation better. This blog is solely dedicated for its awareness.


Imagine ODR?

Imagine the new face of Indian Justice System.

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