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Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

Can ODR work without lawyers?

7 Disruptive Tech-Legal Startups in India

Companies where law meets technology.

ODR In The World

How well has Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) been implemented in different parts of the world?

A Need For Legal Hackathons

This blog post talks about how, in India, the legal field lags behind when it comes to entrepreneurial events such as hackathons and what cane be done to cure that.

The Legality of ODR in India

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is legal in India. The consent of both parties to resort to ODR is required. It can be done for all cases except where the law specifically prescribes physical appearance. Rules governing physical arbitration applies.


ODR faces a myriad of hurdles in the present scenario. However, one of them can be overcome just by bringing a small change in ourselves.

The Four Lessons We Learnt After Attending The Largest Arbitration Conference In India

This conference changed our perspective towards the Arbitration scenario in India.
It might change yours too.

Introduction to ODR

ODR means resolving legal disputes with help of technology. It basically provides the service of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) processes such as mediation, arbitration etc in an online medium.

Why should I read this blog?

The huge backlog of cases shows the crisis of the Indian Judiciary system. In such a scenario, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) can make the situation better. This blog is solely dedicated for its awareness.


Imagine ODR?

Imagine the new face of Indian Justice System.

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